Clare Smith - Assistant Headteacher, Student Leadership: "I am very proud to work in our school where the question is typically how not why. "

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Should education professionals be more research-engaged?

POST BY: Jen Madge - The BSN’s Deputy Head, Whole School Assessment

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Geography Minecraft: Gamification in Education

POST BY: Ruth Burns - Head of Geography, BSN Senior School
Disagreements have to be sorted through negotiation and problems solved through teamwork. Most inspiring of all is that, in an environment where age is not reflective of ability, it is not uncommon to see a Year 7 student assisting and supporting a Year 12 student.

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Good EAL teaching is good teaching for all

POST BY: Matt Bennett - Senior School Assistant Head (Learning and Teaching)
"I look forward to the next stage of the course, the impact it will have on my practice and the improved outcomes of all of my students. Good EAL teaching is good teaching for all."

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