Crescendo, the acclaimed BSN ‘A Cappella’ ensemble, are well known around the BSN, performing at various concerts and events and entertaining the crowd with their classic style and smooth harmonies. BSN Sessions is proud to release their first 4-track EP Album, available now where ever you stream music.

Listen on Spotify:

About the Artists:

Crescendo features the BSN Senior School Voorshoten students Felix R., Thomas W., Alasdair H., Peter H. and Oluwapamilerinayo A. The group is completely self-managed, and made possible through the dedication this group of students have to making music together. This has been the final term at the BSN for members Alasdair H., Peter H. and Oluwapamilerinayo A., and we would like to thank them for their hard work at the BSN and as members of the BSN Music programme.

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