26 September is the European Day of Languages – a day for celebrating the importance of diversity and intercultural understanding.  Senior School Voorschoten put on the annual Language Village, inviting Family Association International Team members to create interactive market stalls for students to test their skills and try out speaking new languages with native speakers.

Some of the students took time away from the activity to give feedback on why learning about other languages and cultures is important.

Learning about other people’s languages and cultures helps to build a mosaic rather than a melting pot – it prevents individual identities from getting lost. – Year 13

Learning about other languages is important because the world is full of different people and cultures, and knowing a bit of the language helps you when you travel or work there. – Year 9

If you haven’t been back to your own country for a long time, it’s important to practice the language so you can speak when you go back. – Year 10

You can communicate with other people from countries other than your own. – Year 9

It helps you better understand your own language and how language works. – Year 12

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