On 27 – 28 November 2021, The British School in The Netherlands will be hosting a spectacular event on their grounds, namely the annual BSNMUN conference. Although previously the conference has been successful, it had been held at a significantly smaller scale. However, with a new year comes the time for a new presidency – Romeo (Secretary-General) and Magdalena (Deputy Secretary-General) are this year’s successors that hope to bring a new vision to life.

A Thimun-affiliation is a prestige that every European based MUN wishes to achieve. It comes with international recognition and the promise of a high-quality conference experience for all participants. The multitude of benefits would place BSNMUN on the map and, hopefully, start a new school legacy. The Secretary Generals have been planning and working hard behind the scenes establishing the framework for a large successful conference so that such an affiliation could also be bestowed upon our school. We hope to host over ten schools and 250 students from around the world, whether it be online or in person. It is crucial to note that although BSNMUN is not yet Thimun affiliated, the conference itself is of the same very high standard and meets all the regulations and requirements. It is run by students, for students – our student board of directors knows exactly how to make the conference an amazing and enjoyable experience for all participants. The students’ passion for the conference is thoroughly reflected in its quality.

COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the global economy, pushing us into a global recession. As the world emerges from this crisis, there is an acute risk that global inequality reaches even higher levels than before. That is why this year, we chose to theme our conference around “Navigating through a post-crisis world.” Over the two days, students will debate highly relevant issues in one of four United Nations forums; the General assembly, the economic and social council, the security council and the International court of justice. These main forums will be split into smaller committees and commissions, which will join together at the end of the conference for a plenary session—a great environment for beginners and advanced delegates.

Most importantly, BSNMUN is a conference run by youth, for the youth of today to participate in, and for the youth of tomorrow to benefit from. Join students from all over the world and indulge in a diverse, multicultural experience. At BSNMUN you can make lifelong connections and become friends with people from all around the globe. The conference is a place for young, driven and creative minds to come together and discuss important world topics and exchange inspiring ideas. Students will learn about global issues while also having the opportunity to truly engage in them with like-minded peers in the Netherlands. We hope to see you there!


Magdalena is a Senior School Voorschoten Student and Deputy Secretary-General for BSNMUN

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