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On Monday 11 May our three Junior School campuses will open again after being closed for eight weeks. There will be relevant safety measures in place. Our Headteachers have reflected on this challenging period of remote schooling and the profound imp (More)
BSN Communications wrote: A British Skiing Champion
A blog in the series Stories of the Archives, written by Mike Weston Amongst members of the BSN community, staff, students and families, past and present, skiing is a very popular leisure activity. I happen to know, for instance, that this year, (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Gwen and the Outbreak of War
Written by Mike Weston The previous edition of these Stories from the Archives was about the visit to SSV in October by Alexandra Hussein-Emeljanow, granddaughter of the lady who founded our school in 1931. It was an exciting and emotional visit (More)