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BSN Communications wrote: Learning in 5D
Forest School at the BSN Written by: Marta Nowak, EAL Teaching Assistant and Forest School Leader, Junior School Diamanthorst Developing a lifelong love for learning in students is always an educator’s ultimate goal. With children being inh (More)
BSN Communications wrote: A British Declaration of Independence
Written by Mr Mike Weston, school archivist and historical detective. I think it will be fairly evident why I have chosen this particular moment in time to post the latest blog from the school archives; however that does not mean that the blog in (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Reflections of the Captain
BSN crowned 2018 ISST Hockey Champions In early November, the BSN ISST hockey team, filled with anticipation, travelled to Belgium for the annual ISST hockey tournament. The tournament, in its 50th year, was held at the Royal Hockey Club in Leuve (More)
BSN Communications wrote: A Teacher’s Business is Learning
Teaching Means Learning As a teacher, you are always seeking new ways to deliver your content. It is not only technology and presentation techniques that are changing – the practice itself is evolving to include innovations in pedagogy and develop (More)
Houses at the BSN If you are new to British education, the House System might be completely foreign to you. Perhaps your only cultural reference to school houses has been thanks to a certain school-aged wizard an (More)
26 September is the European Day of Languages - a day for celebrating the importance of diversity and intercultural understanding.  Senior School Voorschoten put on the annual Language Village, inviting Family Asso (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Intergenerational Learning in Practice
Year 12 IBDP students took part in the annual Generation Walk this past week as a part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) portion of their International Baccalaureate study. This is the 7th year that the Generation Walk has taken place, an (More)
What do you get when you combine outdoor activities, a sunny summer day, science experiments and a lot of bubbles? It’s the Cross-School Science Day! Year 2 students from all three of the BSN Junior Schools cam (More)