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BSN Communications wrote: A British Skiing Champion
A blog in the series Stories of the Archives, written by Mike Weston Amongst members of the BSN community, staff, students and families, past and present, skiing is a very popular leisure activity. I happen to know, for instance, that this year, (More)
BSN Communications wrote: A Visitor from Down Under
Mike Weston, school historian and archivist tells us how some serious research into the founding lady of the BSN ends with a distinguished visit from Australia. Regular readers of my Stories from the Archives blog may get a feeling of déjà lu ( (More)
BSN Communications wrote: 40 Years of SSV
Written by Mr Mike Weston, school archivist and historical detective. In 1972, when I first arrived in Holland, the so-called English School of The Hague was in three divisions – Junior, Middle and Senior – housed in various premises scatte (More)