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What do you get when you combine outdoor activities, a sunny summer day, science experiments and a lot of bubbles? It’s the Cross-School Science Day! Year 2 students from all three of the BSN Junior Schools cam (More)
Rowan McCabe: the world's first Door-to-Door Poet Rowan McCabe first brought his unique brand of clever wordsmithing, Geordie charm and (More)
Written by Alice - a Year 6 pupil at Junior School Diamanthorst Enterprise Week has been full of surprises. Just having the chance to be in charge of real money and have the experience to know what it is like to be a business man or woman has (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Colour mixing, collage and Eric Carle
POST BY: Lisa O’Connor, Teaching Assistant and Curriculum leader for Art Junior School Vlaskamp           Colour mixing, collage and Eric Carle JSV Year 2 has explored colour mixing to create cut-o (More)