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26 September is the European Day of Languages - a day for celebrating the importance of diversity and intercultural understanding.  Senior School Voorschoten put on the annual Language Village, inviting Family Asso (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Intergenerational Learning in Practice
Year 12 IBDP students took part in the annual Generation Walk this past week as a part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) portion of their International Baccalaureate study. This is the 7th year that the Generation Walk has taken place, an (More)
bsnmediacrew wrote: Fake News: A Study
What is 'Fake News' and why is it making a comeback? Fake News, when boiled down, is a form of propaganda intended to spread misinformation. While misinformation tactics have been around for milleniums, Fake News is the far more dangerous and s (More)
bsnmediacrew wrote: BSN TEDx: an event to cherish
Voke Voke's speech was a passionate speech about labels and the assumptions that are behind them. She said that she "stands proud of each and every one of them", as the labels alone are not negative. Voke’s speech emphasised that just be (More)
Around December of 2017, many of the BSN students signed a terms-agreement with the Department of Technology to receive new devices as a replacement for the outdated iPads. In the last several years all BSN students (ages 11 and upwards) were (More)