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BSN Communications wrote: A Concierge in a Million
Joop van der Zwan (Concierge at the BSN 1966-2001): another wonderful (his) story by Mike Weston, BSN school archivist A couple of months ago, in April, Simon Brooks and Kathy Moore held a party to celebrate their 30 years of living in The Nether (More)
by Rachel Stephenson, Senior School Voorschoten Assistant Librarian There is a growing awareness of the special challenges to understanding the mental health and well-being of teenagers. With exam stress, body image issues and the added pressure (More)
26 September is the European Day of Languages - a day for celebrating the importance of diversity and intercultural understanding.  Senior School Voorschoten put on the annual Language Village, inviting Family Asso (More)
BSN Communications wrote: Intergenerational Learning in Practice
Year 12 IBDP students took part in the annual Generation Walk this past week as a part of the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) portion of their International Baccalaureate study. This is the 7th year that the Generation Walk has taken place, an (More)