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Truly a global citizen, Nava was born in Germany to an Iranian mother and a German father; she grew up in Paraguay, moved to England, then lived four years in Zimbabwe; before returning to England. All before she was 16 years old! Using past exp (More)
Warning: This blog article discusses a personal story of mental health issues. If you realise while reading this that you or someone near to you is struggling too, please don’t hesitate to contact your GP and consult this website by the Dutch Gove (More)
Travelling around the world is an amazing and challenging thing to do. Doing it in a wheelchair, alone, and without any money, makes the challenges seem impossible. If you change your perspective, then anything is possible. 29-year old Spanish-born (More)
The younger generation is very concerned about climate issues and the environment. This is obvious as we see their increasing worldwide protests again climate change and plastic pollution. We are delighted to see that so many young people at our (More)