Holly Potter-Adams – English and Drama Teacher

POST BY:  Holly Potter-Adams, English and Drama Teacher and Co-ordinator of The BSN’s BBC Reports Project

This year at the Senior School we are starting a new project: The School Report.   This is a BBC initiative which provides students a chance to make the news for real!

This will give our students the opportunity to be creative, explore the world of journalism and work as part of a team with like-minded individuals.

A group of students have been invited to join the team and will start gathering and reporting news in the new year. Their first task has been to think about possible topics they would like to report on. Some suggestions so far have been around life at an international school, the local community and our environmental responsibility. Additionally, some students have already started working with the staff at The International Criminal Court and reporting on the current policy around the welfare of children.

The students will be expected to have weekly meetings in order to prepare their news item and ready themselves for the ‘News Day’ in March. On this day, part of the school will be transformed into a news desk where the students will finalise the pieces they have created and report on the process of the day.

Everyone on the team is really excited about this new venture as we know this is going to be a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience for all those involved.

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