BLOG POST BYMrs Bethan Chewter – Allotment Club Co-ordinator

We are very privileged to have the space at the Senior School to have a greenhouse. The students wanted the allotment to have an impact on the junior schools, they wanted it to be part of the wider school community. We talked about how we could get the junior schools growing their own vegetables. It is great to nurture and see things grow and then be able to eat them. Our way forward was to offer the chance for the junior schools to buy seedlings that we had grown in the greenhouse. The students put their plan together and four students presented to the senior leadership team. It was well received. We put together a booklet and sent it off to the junior schools and our first two orders have come in and so we will be getting sowing in the comings weeks. We also have put one of our allotment beds aside to become a competition bed. This means we are going to have a cross school competition to design a garden bed! The winners designed will be planted up. A great chance to get those designing skills on paper.

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