Most of us students here at the BSN have been remarkably lucky to have been born into our families and to have countless privileges, which many often take for granted, without realising how fortunate we are to have all that we have and to be able to do all that we do.

Project Africa is indeed a once in a lifetime experience, which one can’t miss. It is an incredible opportunity for the BSN Year 12 students to become personally involved in a charitable programme, which directly aids the N’dege Primary School, in the town of Njoro, Kenya. It is an incredible opportunity which enriches all of its participants with a deeper appreciation for the current global environment, and with a more exceptional ability to communicate and work well with others.

The current Project Africa team holds a meeting every Tuesday to share ideas and to discuss various achievements and improvements we’ve all made throughout the week. We also manage and help out with fundraising events on several occasions throughout the year, as our goal as a team is to raise at least €30,000. These proceeds will go towards building a biogas power plant in the summer of 2018, which would help expand access to electricity in Njoro, hence enabling the town to become more self-efficient. All these fundraising events are useful in developing my collaborative skills, with both my teammates and the adults I’d work with, which in turn will allow me to approach any challenges more efficiently.

All these fundraising events which take place are an excellent opportunity for a variety of students from all year-groups to be involved; This is because most events take place at the BSN Senior School in Voorschoten, which is attended by around 950 students. All the events are advertised around the school, with the use of posters and notices. The majority of the student body will be aware of the occurrence, and will, therefore, be able to spread the word by inviting their friends and family; This helps the team to fundraise more money, as more people would be inclined to give a contribution. Due to this, the whole team is very grateful for the community’s involvement and the role they play in this journey.

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting a summer ball for all parents and staff. The theme for this event will be “Out of Africa”, and it will be held at “Restaurant Gember”, in Den Haag, this coming summer. This will be our first event of the sort, and we are looking forward to making it as enjoyable an occasion as possible!

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