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Did you know that the sun does not burn? The thing that gives the sun so much power is fusion. Fusion is where the nucleus (a ball of protons and neutrons held together by gluons) of an atom (nucleus with electrons around it) gets smashed and the two nuclei fuse together to form a heavier element. Fusion is a very efficient power source; people are trying to find out how to use fusion as a environmentally friendly and very efficient power source.

[vc_message message_color=”accent”]Did you know that the star TRAPPIST-1 has 3 planets in its habitable zone and 7 planets in total. It is very rare for a star to have this many planets. The star itself is barley a star at all, it is a small, cold (compared to other stars) red dwarf star but the planets orbit very close to TRAPPIST-1 and that compensates for the low temperature of TRAPPIST-1, and the time it takes for these planets to orbit once is within an astonishing 3 weeks (21 days) and the earth takes 365 days to complete a single orbit.     -Ethan[/vc_message]

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