POST BY: Clare Smith – BSN Senior School, Assistant Headteacher, Student Leadership

We set up Equality Week to start discussions. Our intentions were not to say, “you’re wrong” or “this is what is right”. Our intentions were to say “here are the numbers”, “here’s how they affect us”, “this is what we think about them – what about you?” We did this because if we never talk about things they will never change. If we don’t talk about why we are unequal, we will never be equal and if we do not listen, we will never know.

This generation has the power to change things, more than any generation before. This generation will become the policy makers, the protestors, the voters and the labourers. Our generation has started movements through social media, we’ve raised millions using only video and we’ve been given the platform to make our voices heard to those in power.

In a world where the World Health Organisation warns that globally 1 in 3 women will experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, two thirds of the illiterate population is female, women are denied access to education and both genders are faced with unattainable and damaging expectations and beauty standards, this change could not come soon enough.

We’re asking you not only to talk, but to listen. Change has to start here, because when we leave, the women around you will be harassed on their way home and the men will be told to “man up” when they express feelings or their anxieties about the future. We will all become aware again of the things that limit us, but more importantly, I hope when you leave you’ll start talking. Whatever it is you believe, I think we should all strive for the political, social and economic equality of the sexes, of the races, genders, people of all sexualities – and that is what Equality Week was all about.

We’re passionate about these issues and we had the opportunity to speak to someone who shares our passion, our values and our desire for change. Here is our interview with Ms Pederson, Head of Communications at the BSN and self-proclaimed feminist.  It inspired us and we hope that it inspires you too.

Our interview with Ms Pederson, Head of Communications, BSN

Take a look at the Equality Week Photos here.

The Equality Week Team

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