From July 24th to August 4th, we will welcome around 150 to 200 children and teenagers to our summer programme, held this year at Junior School Leidschenveen, which is a beautiful space in which to learn and play.

As every year, we will blend English teaching with activity-based learning to create a fun programme for our students. Choosing a good range of activities is important, and as this year’s theme is The Great Outdoors, we have selected a mix of related activities. For anyone who would like a sneak preview, here are some of the highlights of this year’s programme:

One of our new teachers Jeandre will lead Gardening. She will be helping our students to make ‘herb spirals’, which are space-efficient ways of growing herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Sarah will take on Forest School, helping children learn some fun outdoor survival skills!

And we are very fortunate to have Sidi on board this year to teach Dance with style. Sidi’s background in Afrodance, Ballet, Jazz and stage choreography means that she can show even our talented dancers a few new moves.

Added to this, we have crafts, art, singing, drumming, sports, and even more to come! Plus as we are so close to a wonderful kinderboerderij (Petting Zoo), we are likely to take some of our younger children on trips to visit the animals!

The programme for this year is exciting and we hope that it will have something to interest everyone. One of the nicest aspects of Summer School is the flexibility it offers to try new activities and types of learning, and to find creative ways to get children engaged with English. We hope you will come and join us!







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