POST BY: Georgia H., Year 12 Student interning with the BSN communications department

I started at the BSN almost 9 years ago, with the mind-set that school lasts forever. As students grow throughout school, we develop the realisation that school is not in fact a permanent process. I only properly started thinking about what I want to study in the future when I started Sixth Form. I have always shown interest towards the media, so I looked through several courses that incorporated this, this led me to the decision to hopefully study graphic communications.

In Year 12, at the start of activities week, we focus on the processes that get us where we would like to be once we have finished school. In this, we deal with matters such as CV writing, personal statements, and interview practice. After the first 2 days, I was given the opportunity to have a 3 day internship in the communications department here at the BSN.

Whilst been at the office, I was certainly kept busy. I was first given roles to post several things across the school’s social media pages. I learnt a lot through this, as although our generation is known for our excessive use of these networking sites, I was posting to a range of different audiences, and had to consider the length of captions, the quality of the photograph, and the formality of writing. I was also taught how to design posters, graphics, and edit photographs with the use of photoshop. I took a particular interest in this as it fascinates me how in depth the process of designing things digitally is.

My most significant role given whilst interning at the BSN’s communications department was to boost the Senior School’s MUN Society across the media. MUN has been a significant part of my school life this past year, leading me to been appointed a role on the BSNMUN leadership team. My main role in this team is ‘Head of Communications’, which is why I found this internship the perfect time to truly enhance the MUN’s reputation across the school media. The communications team taught me how the British School’s website worked, and helped me design the page for the Model United Nations at the BSN. This page was mainly established to promote our conference that will take place in December, because of the conference still been quite some time away, the page will hopefully develop, giving more details over time.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the communications department. Not only did it teach me about several different areas of media and communications, but it also gave me an insight into working life, which is primarily the core aim of work experience. This helped me significantly for my future, giving me a clearer idea of how I would like to shape my future.

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