BSN Sessions, the official record label of the BSN, is proud to release “Right Now”

An original track created by Alex J. and Matt K., two students at BSN Senior School Voorschoten.

About Alex:

Electronic music has always been a passion since I was about ten years old. I was introduced to artists such as Avicii and Skrillex, whose music inspired me to make my own. I started out making small ideas on some online music creation tools, then moved on to some more professional music softwares. When I was about eleven, I was introduced to Ableton Live, and since then it has been my DAW of choice. As my tastes in music evolved, I was introduced to artists such as Deorro, Tristam and Haywyre to name a few.

Working with Matt to create this track has been great, and I have learnt a lot along the way. We started off with a simple idea,  and transformed it into something that neither of us had thought of to begin with. The song splices together many different elements in order to give it a fresh, unique sound with lots of character whilst maintaining structure and simplicity.

About Matt:

I was introduced to electronic music when I was about twelve, namely to a few big drum and bass artists such as Pendulum and Metrik. However, since then I’ve explored a range of genres including chill and deep house by the likes of Rameses B and MNEK respectively.

Making this track has been a really cool experience! We have been able to merge many contrasting ideas, the end result being a really intesting and unique track! Definitely the hardest part was keeping all the ideas dynamic, allowing one section to easily flow in to the next and not sound too jarring. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

BSN Sessions is also available on iTunes. 

Read more about BSN Sessions. 


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