What do you get when you combine outdoor activities, a sunny summer day, science experiments and a lot of bubbles? It’s the Cross-School Science Day!

Year 2 students from all three of the BSN Junior Schools came together at Junior School Leidschenveen for a day of learning about science. But this wasn’t any normal lesson, the Year 2 scientists were helped in their investigations by Year 5 students. The Year 5 hosts for the day each set up stations around the JSL play area where they ran experiments and demonstrations.

Science Day Activities

Science passports in hand, Year 2 students went from station to station, where they would make a hypothesis and test it through hands-on experiments – sometimes finding surprising results! Year 5 students explained the science of their investigation, working with the younger students to help them take part in the experiment and giving them a stamp in their passport when they completed the station’s activities. Year 2 students had a blast running from station to station with the challenge of filling their entire passport with stamps before the end of the day.

The Day’s Investigations:

After all of the investigations were through, students reflected on the day’s activities with a well-earned ice lolly. Cross-School Science Day is a wonderful opportunity to get students involved in hands-on experiments which inspire them to ask questions about the world around them and get curious about why and how things work. A special thank you to Year 5 Students who were not only excellent hosts, but outstanding role models for the younger students!

See Flickr for more photos from the Cross-School Science Day. 

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