Teaching Means Learning

As a teacher, you are always seeking new ways to deliver your content. It is not only technology and presentation techniques that are changing – the practice itself is evolving to include innovations in pedagogy and developments in your area of expertise.

Our access to information in this age is unlimited, and our interconnectedness facilitates discussion and debate. Students themselves also can bring fresh insight as they share their own perspectives, shaped by their culture and environment. Equally, there is always something to learn from colleagues with diverse backgrounds and experiences. International schools are especially rich in this regard.

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn” – John Cotton Dana

Teachers have a responsibility to keep up to date with current theory, pedagogy best practice. Entering into dialogues with colleagues, exchanging ideas, and comparing practice allows you to be the best educator that you can be.

International Leadership Academy

This is why, when it comes to professional learning, the British School in The Netherlands is committed to and invests heavily in the professional learning and development of its staff. The return on investment is high; staff who are actively engaged in their own learning are able to have the greatest impact on student outcomes.

At the British School, we are fortunate to work closely with the International Leadership Academy (ILA) to facilitate the ongoing professional learning of teachers and staff. The ILA launched in May 2017 and has grown from strength to strength, securing partnerships with internationally renowned organisations. The ILA provides world-class programmes to teachers within and beyond the British School and to the international community at large.

There are many opportunities to advance your career and develop your skills. The programmes on offer at the ILA cover five key strands:

  • Leading and Supporting Learning
  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Health, Safety and Well-being
  • General Skills
  • Induction Programme: a comprehensive one-year induction for new starters.

Between the provision of continued professional learning and development courses, inspiring atmosphere of teachers and students passionate about learning, joining the British School in The Netherlands can reignite your passion for teaching and for being a lifelong learner in a learning profession.

Education isn’t something you can finish” – Isaac Asimov

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