Have you ever stressed for tests? Although in each school they do the exact same tests, and there may be no advantages. But many students can have some private things to do at home, and that can affect their performance inside and get a bad grade. Whereas another can be revising for the test for a whole night. There can be many problems with the test, such as stressing or anxiety. There is a big difference in Finland about school tests. The students in school wouldn’t go to school for a long time and they don’t get tests throughout the year, but they still are really good learners.

Stress and health

Although there is much positivity on being assessed on a test, such as to check how good students understood a topic or their abilities and knowledge about a certain topic. Or to seek the weaknesses that they can practice in a topic. But there may be some negatives about students working on a test. All students aim for the highest mark possible, and they would revise on all their knowledge. Many students revise for a whole night, and that could really effect on their health. Even though they revised for a whole night, they can be still stressed on the day of the test. Being stressed and anxious can also affect their test results because they cannot think straight if they are really stressed during the test. If schools assess students with another much simpler and easier way, then students wouldn’t have to risk their health and stress too much just to get a good grade. Students’ parents also force the students to pressure them to work harder and get ready for the test, pressuring students wouldn’t make them work harder at all, it will just make them more nervous.


In a maths test, there may be many equations to remember, which actually measures their memory, not just their knowledge. An example may be that if a student can memorize the formula of area of a circle, but another student cannot memorize it, but if the question does appear inside an exam, then the student would not have done well on the test because they are not good at memorizing it. Their test scores will just be dependant on how good or bad their memory is, but not on their knowledge. Sometimes memory can count as a part of your knowledge, to show that you understood a certain subject. But the whole test shouldn’t only depend on their ability to memorization, but their understanding.


Cheating can take a big part in tests, nowadays there are modern technology, and it can be much easier to cheat with online information. Many students won’t revise as hard as others, or else don’t know how to revise for tests. So then they could get a good grade in assessments. Getting this kind of habit of cheating will have an heavy impact of the students future, they will always try to cheat whenever they have an assessed test. They wouldn’t use their own knowledge to do their test, but just to have other people to help them, using someone else’s knowledge.

The world without test will be different, all the students would be learning in an environment without any stress or anxiety, or cheating. Schools should be assessed on the student’s long-term qualities, and it can also be in other forms. Such as how students do in lessons, homework and some of the things that students actually have an interest in, then they could do all their work independently and using their own knowledge. Finland has been the best on earth in learning throughout many years, with only one test at the end of senior school. We could learn from the schools in Finland, that learning can be done with no competitions, no comparisons and no rankings.

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