Perks of Positivity consists of three podcasts including one on confidence and your relationship with yourself, one on social media and one on the role of your social life. We chose these topics because we consider these the first steps to achieving the positive life you are aiming for.

Most people think that a positive life is when everything is perfect. But, now we have to realise that positivity is not about perfection. Positivity means so much more than that and is not about what is on the surface, it is how you feel.

Firstly, who are we to tell you how to be positive? Honestly, we are just normal students in Y10 stressing over exams, however over time we have learnt how to feel hopeful and happy whilst being drowned in school work as well.

We want to teach you that humans aren’t made to be feel only one emotion, we all have bad days and it is not a crime. Being sad every now and then is normal, we just want to show how we found a way to push through bad days and to wake up ready for a good day.

These podcasts are not aimed to a specific group of people since every one can find themselves drowned in negativity, needing a reminder that there is an opportunity of a change.

We truly hope you enjoy the series and that they play a role in making your life a positive one!

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