POST BY:  Ms Rachel Richardson – BSN’s Digital Communications Administrator and one of the Media Crew Staff Coordinators.

The BSN hosts quite a range of activities – we’re a pretty active school with a lot going on, and every event has a different story to tell. But, have you noticed the storytellers? Next time you attend a BSN event, stop and look around. Take note of the group of students in the navy blue polo shirts who will most likely have a camera or phone in hand.

These storytellers are the BSN Media Crew.

The BSN Media Crew consists of a group of 20 enthusiastic Senior School students who cover and capture all things BSN – in and around the school. Their main responsibilities include:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Sound recording
  • Interviewing
  • Social media coverage
  • Blogging

The Crew has been busy since its induction. Beginning in 2016, they were tasked with covering the Feel at Home in The Hague Fair. Their bright blue shirts were seen dashing around The Hague city hall as they sought out participants to interview for this video they made:

Whether it be a visit from an author, like Alan Gibbons, or the BSN Winter Fair, the Crew finds a way to tell a story from their unique perspective. This also provides the students with valuable experience that they can apply beyond their schooling. They are provided training throughout the entire process of coverage – from the moment they step behind a camera or phone, to the final edit on a video or image.

Next time you’re at a BSN event, you’ll probably notice the blue Media Crew polo shirts somewhere in the background getting the best angle for a shot or head down drafting the perfect tweet.

To stay up to date and follow their work, you can find the Media Crew on Twitter at @BSNMediaCrew

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