POST BY: Rebecca M, Student Leader Chair and Youth Ambassador for the Stahili Foundation

An open letter from your Student Leader Chair

Most would expect the student leader chair to have been a student at BSN for several years, if not since birth. That is not the case for me, seeing as I’ve been at this school for only 6 months.

Many might ask why would I be fit for this role? Well, the truth is, I really wanted this job. Having attended so many different schools around the world, I am able to bring in different ideas and suggestions on how to improve our school. What I lack in knowledge of BSN culture, my fellow student leaders make up for.

In our short time working together I have already been impressed by the dedication and excitement that each student leader puts into our work. But most importantly I look forward to learning and growing as leaders and team players for the duration of this year.

I assure you that in the coming year you will be hearing much more about the Student Leadership team, comprised of:

• Elleni E. Year 7 student leader
• Angus B. Year 8 student leader
• Lucy K. Year 9 student leader
• Lucas S. Year 10 student leader
• Mia H. Year 11 Student Leader
• Sophie R. and Brandon P. Sixth Form Student Leaders
• Hannah W. And Iona C. House Leaders
• Tyla G. Head of Charities Committee
• Nicole C. Head of Eco Committee

In the last two months we have been working with the Year 13 Student Leaders and setting in motion a series of projects based on the suggestions made by students during student council and our monthly ‘Genius Bar’, where in the first week of each month the student leaders interact with the rest of the student body in the atrium, asking about their thoughts and concerns. However, feel free to contact us at any time during the school day or through email for any inquiries or concerns. Also look out for our Student Leader board by Mike’s Place.

Our main goal as Student Leaders is to make a difference. To leave BSN knowing we made it a better place. Knowing that students in years to come will benefit from the change we made, but for us to accomplish that we need the support of the student body. Join us during our student council meetings to make your voice heard.

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