Across our school community we witness people Leading by Example.  From smiling and opening doors, to leading change in an extra-curricular club, to speaking in an assembly about things they are passionate about, these students incredible role models.  They don’t always wear a title and they may not be the most outgoing amongst us, but they add incalculable value to our school and positively impact the lives around them.

Every term, we are going to celebrate some of these students who are Leading by Example and we’re starting with these:

Francis is a delightful presence around school. His smile is infectious and he goes out of his way to support others around him.  His bright, cheerful presence around school can make us all feel better.

These are the leaders of the BSN Ultimate Frisbee team. This group are inspirational; they started with a few passionate individuals and have grown into a large group who love developing new skills, working together, and playing every Friday afternoon when many of us are racing home.  They welcome all ages and abilities and have nurtured talent.  Some of them also compete internationally!


Hannah recently gave the most wonderful presentation to Year 10 students. As a Year 11, she brought her wisdom and experience to share, and did so with sensitivity and humour.  She provoked us to think about what it really means to succeed, and why comparisons with others can be unhelpful.  It can be terrifying standing up in front of a whole year group, especially one that is not your own, but Hannah made it look easy.  I can’t wait to see what else she brings to our school.

Patrick and Sebastian are leaving this year, but they have given the MUN Society an incredible legacy. They have formalised processes, been involved in new MUN conferences, and even ran their own earlier in the academic year.  They put in hours of work, invited other schools and championed important issues.  Their hard work and commitment to the society is a true example to others, and demonstrates what collaborative working can really achieve.

A new event for the BSN this year was Equality Week, a celebration of the great diversity of the school community, but also a response to the inequalities we see and experience daily.  This is a snapshot of a much bigger team who worked tirelessly to make it all happen.  Congratulations – what a week!

For this last individual, I would like to use the citation given by the person who nominated him. This is what the process is really all about – celebrating the people who make an impact in our lives:

“I would like to nominate Rotex from Y12. I don’t know him very well personally, but I know that he always says good morning, or hello in the corridors to everyone. Also, if he notices that someone is somewhat upset or the like he will always try to cheer them up. I also know that he always holds the doors open for people, and will always cheer you up with his smile. In addition to this, I remember occasions in which he would bake something in FT, and then share it with complete strangers in the cafeteria who were feeling peckish.  I definitely think that Rotex deserves some recognition.”  Well said!

If you know someone who deserves to be nominated, email, giving their name and the reason why you think they deserve recognition.


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