In recognition of World Press Freedom Day, celebrated worldwide on 3 May, we are pleased to highlight articles written by three student journalists. These pieces were first published in the March edition of the Senior School Voorschoten (SSV) student-run news outlet, Published.

These student journalists have shown the courage to write about significant issues in the hopes of provoking discussions amongst their peers. Just like the journalists around the world that work to bring awareness and truth to their readers, our students use their voices and prose to inspire their community to reflect on important topics. In this case, gender equality, equality, and censorship.

‘Published’ hopes to inquire, into matters both within and beyond the British School in the Netherlands (BSN), and maybe even inspire its readers to do the same – be it by writing, drawing or any form of expression that enables you to look and the world around you and comment on it.

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Gender Equality

By Aliya Merimeche

Gender equality is a major problem in modern society. Women have less access to political representation, higher education and economic participation.

Reaching the rights of women and giving them opportunities to reach their full potential is critical for gender equality as well as development goals.

Society has gendered constructed roles appropriate for women; therefore, women empowerment is crucial to achieving gender equality. This may include a woman’s power and access to opportunities and resources. Gender issues are heavily focused on women; however, the aspect between relationships between women and men is important. Women tend to perform longer hours and be underpaid, and in many areas, women underrepresented as decision-makers.

There has been development in gender equality since the 1980s, which include literacy levels and child marriage. Scandinavian countries are advanced in gender equality; however, no country has successfully reached gender equality. The biggest issue in terms of gender empowerment is the lack of equity in political roles. This may be due to the stereotypical ideals women are seen as taking a position as a leader; they are presented as “bossy” and “loud”.


By Tina Alagha

In these unprecedented times, we all tend to feel more isolated than usual, which can take a serious toll on our mental health. Therefore, now, more so than ever, it is paramount that we respect the diversity we see in today’s society, and we try and maintain an egalitarian mindset. In order to perpetuate a happy, functioning environment, it is vital that we remain open-minded and accept that everyone is different in one way or another. Thankfully, we have been reminded of this early on in the new term by the team of sixth formers who organised “Equality Week“.

Our society has been glorifying certain traits to be “ideal” for hundreds of years. Devastatingly, this has indoctrinated us into mistreating others and becoming slaves to prejudice based on solely the physical attributes of others. How is it that the colour of someone’s skin, the gender someone is attracted to, or the holidays someone celebrates can determine how they are treated? We simply cannot let this go on.

Uniting together and fighting against discrimination in our society will create a stronger community and create a brighter future for us all.

Censorship, deletion and physical barriers

By Tiziana Di Mauro

When the dots don’t connect, we want to know what’s behind the sealed dimension. However, this is not very easily accomplished. Social media is a clear example of a method to censor ‘False information’, or rather information that could ruin an organisation’s reputation or intention. It’s like an opinion is formed when both sides of the argument are understood and displayed, although currently, we are receiving a one-sided, false opinion that is diffused into most of us, while some being unconscious of this feature, which is what endangers the society. Hierarchies are a major blockage in being able to fluently express opinions without facing any consequences.

People don’t have the freedom to spread awareness of a different aspect against what seems to be the ‘right’ answer.

Yet the ones that are awake and alert of the current ongoing daily situations/problems are constricted to follow a certain boundary leaving no freedom of speech. The news is a powerful manipulative system that controls a standard group of people into believing that what is being said is true – even when some know that this is not the case. Police are blocking access to protests, or if it is allowed to proceed, then an interference is caused, which is then later blamed on the innocent participants of the protest.

The best way to inform yourself on a specific concept is to watch a live debate that consists of two divisions that are not altered to suit any preference that includes bias.

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